Orthodontic Treatments in Tumwater, Aberdeen, & Centralia

At Family Orthodontics, we offer the most advanced options for structural and aesthetic teeth straightening, correcting crowding and bite problems, and preventive care.

You can choose from traditional metal, clear or ceramic braces, or the virtually undetectable Invisalign system. Whatever option you choose for yourself or your child, rest assured that today’s braces are worlds beyond the old-school technology you may be familiar with.

Modern braces are strong, compact, low-profile and significantly more comfortable than the technology available even a decade ago. And even better, maintenance and adjustments are a breeze.

We also offer two-phase and early prevention/treatment options to minimize any potential problems your child may face down the road. Overbite and underbite correction, tooth crowding, maintenance and retention are all a part of our services to you.

Contact our office today to learn more about the type of orthodontic treatments we offer and how they can help you and your family enjoy a lifetime of bright, healthy smiles.