Clear Dental Braces

Today, clear braces present a practical, aesthetic alternative to traditional braces and other orthodontic options.

Less noticable than traditional braces, clear braces can nevertheless handle some of the most challenging aspects of orthodontic treatment.

Clear Braces versus Traditional Braces

clear_bracesClear braces use ceramic or composite brackets, rather than the traditional stainless steel version you may be most familiar with.

Because they are slightly more fragile than their metal counterparts, ceramic brackets are slightly larger. Just like traditional braces, the clear option uses an arch wire for shifting your teeth to the desired location. In some cases, we also can use a tooth-colored arch wire to minimize the appearance of braces even more.

If that’s not an option for you, a metal arch wire will be used. In that case, your braces will look more like you’re wearing a simple retainer.

Otherwise, this treatment option works essentially the same as traditional metal braces. You will still have to visit every four to eight weeks for adjustment, or more often if your particular case warrants it during some phases of treatment.

Clear Braces for Teens

If your child begins orthodontic treatment at a later age, he or she may prefer clear braces to the stainless steel version.

Older adolescents and teenagers who are concerned about how metal braces look can choose treatment with clear braces, or in some cases we can use clear brackets on the front teeth and stronger, metal brackets on less visible teeth.

It’s important for your teen to be diligent in caring for his or her clear braces, as the brackets can stain if they aren’t cleaned properly.

Clear Braces for Adult Orthodontic Treatment

At Family Orthodontics, we treat many adult patients as well, helping them realize their dream of healthy, straight teeth and a glowing smile at any age.

For business professionals, clear braces are often the preferable option.

Clear or tooth-colored braces provide most of the same benefits as traditional metal braces, but are much less noticeable in a professional or work setting. Ceramic braces are the ideal choice if your treatment requires a more aggressive level of correction than Invisalign can provide.

Braces are more effective – and work faster – at closing gaps between teeth and correcting problems with your bite.

Family Orthodontics provides a variety of advanced options for your orthodontic treatment. During your complimentary initial visit and consultation, we perform a thorough exam and evaluation. We explain all of your options and provide our professional recommendation for the best treatment approach for you.

Contact our office in Tumwater, Aberdeen, or Centralia, Washington today to schedule your free initial exam. We look forward to providing professional orthodontic treatment for your entire family, and providing you with a lifetime of beautiful smiles, courtesy of traditional or clear braces.