CEREC in Tumwater, Centralia, & Aberdeen, WA

Could you imagine walking into our office and leaving that same day with a beautifully restored smile? CEREC technology makes that possible! CEREC is what powers our same-day dentistry services, and the results are simply incredible. If you are looking for dental restoration services, you will likely consider CEREC as an option due to its speed, convenience, and excellent end results. CEREC is efficient and safe, and it works with all conventional materials used for dental restorations today.

More than 250 clinical studies have proven the safety and effectiveness of CEREC technology, and with 85% of patients saying they would prefer single-visit dentistry, we have taken the time to implement this technology into our facilities to provide patients with a fast option for restoring their smile. CEREC negates the need of coming back for multiple appointments to bring your smile back up to its most beautiful state.

Instead, CEREC allows you to schedule a single visit, come in, have your restoration completed, and leave with a smile that will last a lifetime. CEREC can be employed for veneers, crowns, and all sorts of restorations that will leave you confident with your smile the second you walk out of our office.

We are happy to schedule a consultation for you so that you can hear more about this option and what it might be able to provide for your smile. To learn more about CEREC in Tumwater, Centralia, & Aberdeen, schedule your appointment today.

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